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General Electric refrigerator clock, 1929



CRETORS Steam Engine used on a Popcorn Wagon ,late 1890'S Restored : 24 "X 9.5" X 11" tall mounted on Oak base , claw feet.



Auto indicator light up sign, 1-8-1918, 4 in, nice decal, sign rotates by turning crank on lower right



Multiphone, Seattle, Wasington, 1938 can be hooked up to a radio, framed photo, Play Token, table clamp included



Shyvers Multiphone, 1938 Seattle, Washington, this is a PROTOTYPE, one of a kind, including framed photograph, You Play Token, key & lock, speaker can be hooked up to a radio



Gamewell 1890's cast iron Fire alarm, very SMALL 5 1/2 " tall, 4" wide, 1 3/4" deep, note very early lightening bold, complete, RARE



Siren fire alarm station, 12"X6"X 4 ", has all the inerds, the bell can be used with a telephone as a ringer box, Golden Eagle, powder coated, comes with a modular cord / plug

A 129

stop on red signal, used on rail road crossing, Porcelain
& glass reflectors
25"x23" marking on top GRS made in USA


Art Deco Elevator UP & DOWN heavy (30 Pounds ) cast bronze indicator light
10" X11"x 12" deep ,glass letters


A 131

OTIS (?) very ornate Elevator indicator, solid bronze 15.5 " Diameter, early 1900, lights up, B, 1to 10, on/off switch


A 132

Otis Elevator indicator, early 1900's, solid cast bronze, UP -Down, Glass arrow red- white, 12.5 "x 5 ", Button up /down bronze plate 8"x 2.5", lights up by pushing buttons



Saunders model 1038, red glass iron, nice condition, NO breaks, cracks or chips in the glass, excellent, working condition



Elevator indicator, up &down arrow with up & down switch button plate, solid bronze early 1900"s


A 140

Fire call box early 1900's, original used in hotels or rail road stations to activate a larger fire box, powder coated, glass globe marked: RECO, total height 13 ", actual box 6"x4-1/4 " x 1-3/4 ", globe color; red, amber or blue



Otis Elevator indicator ,1890"s/1900"s GLASS arrows red &white ,push button to activate arrow light, 13"x5"


A 142

Saunders Pyrex BLUE glass iron, blue is the rarest color, exc. condition, no breaks crack or chips in glass, 1940's, model # 1038


A 143

Edason 6 volt battery fan , 1897/8 ,fully restores and running Hand pin stripped


A 145

Fire men leather helmet ,mid 1900 "s,extremely nice condition



Roof top light for Fire truck or Police car made by Federal Corp., 9" dia. ,15"tall ,1950's



Air sign ,aluminum , 17 1/2 " by 3 1/4 "1940's/50's ,used in service stations


A 150

American Elevator bronze sign, 1940's/ 50's, 6 1/2 " diameter.


A 153

EPRAD drive in theater heater, 1950, powder coated working condition


A 156

Gamewell POLICE call box 79 " tall, Western Electric working phone inside, light on top & on Pedestal, etched police glass light-up sign, powder coated, lock & key


A 160

Hotzer Cabott cast iron fire call box, phone inside, brass light, key & lock, early 1900's, powder coated


A 161

Fire man trumpet, silver plated, late1890 's, huge in size,
23 " tall, bell is 8 -3/4 " diameter, nicely engraved, near perfect condition, small dent at the tapered part, one tassel
is missing, nice patina. Originally from
Carson City Nevada



Otis elevator up /down push switch 8-1/4 " tall x
2-1/2 " wide bronze ,late 1890's



Fancy solid cast bronze elevator up and down GLASS arrow sign, red &white, 12.5 " tall, 5" wide, 4" deep, late 1890's



Fireman Leather helmet, high eagle, YFD, from York, Maine. 1890', made by Cairns Brothers, good lining


A 166

Federal Sign & Signal Police Siren, Model # C6B, very large and heavy, 12 volt, working condition, 8" Diameter x 18" long, very loud, nice condition

Federal Sign &Signal Corp. Model 371-L, Revolving light up sign, went on top of Fire/Police Car, from the 1950's,
15 " tall x 9" diameter, cast aluminum body,
$495.00 for the Fire and $695.00 for the Police or
$1100.00 for both


Federal Electric, Chicago , Il. Double Tone -Long roll Fire truck Siren, RARE !! 6 volt, type 77, works



Barber Shop fluted pedestal stand for a cash registe. Late 1890's /early 1900's cast iron / porcelain base, upper box very heavy marble with cash draw, nice condition


A 172

Leather Fire Bucket Parsippany N.J. Early 1800's, 12"high by 9.5 " Diameter. Very nice for it's age

A 175

Elevator light solid bronze,early 1900's from San Diego Trust & Savings Bank Broadway & 6th ,all inserts are GLASS
9" tall x 5" wide x 2-1/2 " deep


Rensselaer Cory Cast Iron Fire Hydrant Brass caps
powder coated



Rensselaer cast iron fire hydrant, 1950, one cap
is marked San FRANCISCO



Koken porcelain Child Barber Chair 1910's, perfect porcelain, excellent plating, dark green wool velvet,
reupholstered, nice original horse head, carved mane, hydraulics work fine



Eco Air meter ,67 " tall , fully restored, powder coated, with RARE water supply, fancy brass sprigged, 2 sided AIR Milk glass globe



Cast Iron Barber Pole early 1900, restored ,powder coated, excellent running condition fancy glass globe, 42 tall



Milk glass globe, Hair Bobbing, very Rare


A 196

Cast iron Barber Pole, fully restored early 1910's, 42 " tall fancy stain glass globe (new)



Koken barber pole 1910'S, fully restored, powder coated, fancy new stain glass globe about 6.5 feet tall


A 199

Paidar cast iron standup barber pole, 7 feet & 4"
tall, early 1900's, milk glass globe



Koch Standup Barber Pole, 1910, fully restored,
81 " tall, nice early glass globe, blue base, top


A 201

Gamewell cast iron fire alarm call box, about 1910, 12'X 6 " x 29 " tall, working telephone inside Light on top with switch on/off, lock and key, powder coated


A 202

10" diameter stain glass globe 11" tall , 4 " dia. neck


A 204

Gamewell cast iron fire call box with western Electric working telephone, light on top


A 205

1950's ECO air meter model 97/98, 68 " tall, restored and powder coated, 2 sided "AIR "milk glass globe



Marvey's wall mount barber pole, 1950's, 34" tall, fully restored, new motor, Powder Coated



Harvey's Barber Pole, 1950's, fully restored, new motor, powder coate, 34 " tall



Kochs wall mount Barber pole restored powder coated
, new motor



Wall mount barber pole, new motor, powder coated
like new

A 211

Wall mount Barber pole, restored powder coated, runs very quiet, unusual back mount bracket


Wall mount Barber shop sign, solid brass, etched glass late 1890's

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